Helpful tips and techniques to prepare for the GAMSAT

As you begin your gamsat preparation, it’s important to have background information about the process and how it works. First, make sure that you register for the test. This year, registration will begin in mid October 2010. The actual test will be held on March 26, 2011. Secondly, determine your eligibility. Any student who has a Bachelor’s degree, or, is in their final year of obtaining one, is eligible to take the test. Finally, apply techniques that will help you succeed when you take the exam. Continue reading

Learning to play the guitar

The best way to start learning to play the guitar is to first have a strong desire to play. If the guitar is comfortable in your arms and on your lap, you are off to a good start. Some people choose to start out by finding a decent teacher to provide guitar lessons on a regular basis. Guitar lessons can help a student to not only learn proper techniques of playing the guitar but to also learn to read music. Continue reading

Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes by Blu

Trying to quit smoking because it’s unhealthy but love to smoke? Try an e-cigarette! Don’t just settle for any brand, settle for the best: Blu! Unlike most electronic cigarettes, Blu actually tastes like a real cigarette, not like chemicals or air! Blu also offers some bizarre flavors other than traditional tobacco; flavors like Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, and, for menthol smokers, Magnificent Menthol. Continue reading